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West King String Band is (from left to right):

Branson Raines - Fiddle

Jesse Harman - Bass

Jack Studer - Guitar

Andrew Fox - Mandolin


The band formed in 2013 in Saint Augustine, Florida and is currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Inspired by a large array of musical genres spanning from rock n’ roll & classic country to traditional & modern bluegrass, they incorporate their influences to create an original, unique and diverse sound.  West King String Band has spent the last six years traveling and performing more than 200 shows a year, embarking on expansive tours throughout the entire country.  In September of 2019 they accomplished their first excursion overseas, playing a notable amount of shows in Belgium and the Netherlands within a 5-week long tour.  Between the release of their debut album "Achin'" (self-recorded in their living room) and their newest release "Staring at the Sun" (recorded at the

Bombshelter in Nashville, TN), The band has shown an impressive amount of development. They are currently in the process of recording a new record which is due to be released this coming spring.  West King String Band’s high energy live performance is sure to be a show you won't want to miss. You can expect to see these boys continuing to make waves across the country and beyond.

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